Gue Village in Spiti

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Gue – The Live Mummy

Gue was found in a tomb located at an altitude of 6000 meters in Spiti district, Himachal Pradesh, India, which is a living mummy identified as Bhikshu Union, Tenjin.
Villagers came to know about the mummy in 1975 when a part of the tomb collapsed due to an earthquake in the area. Since then this place has become a favorite destination of tourists.

It is believed that this Mummy’s nails and hair are still growing. When the Himalayan Wings team reached GUE, we found that the villagers of GUE are very nice people and they do not shy away from helping the passengers. This mummy is now kept inside the Glass in the newly built temple where tourists can see it.

GUE is located about 43 kms from Nako village. To reach here, you should contact Team Himalayan Wings.

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