Pin Valley & Mudh Village

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Mudh village is a beautiful village situated at an altitude of 3700 meters in Pin Valley. There is a good arrangement of some hotels and homestays along with some houses here. The people here are dependent on tourism and agriculture. It is situated at about 50 kms from Kaza, 51 kms from Dhankar, about 435 kms from Shimla and about 250 kms from Manali. From here the Bhava pass trek starts which is open till the month of September. Pin Parvati trek also starts from here.

Spiti river accompanies us throughout the journey and the changing scenery at every turn touches the soul. It gives the tourists an immersive visual experience. On the way comes a Sangam village which is very beautiful.

There is a proper arrangement to stay here too. The snow capped high peaks of Pin Valley add to the view here. Pin Valley is a National Wildlife Sanctuary. The main attraction of Pin Valley are various wildlife like Ibex, Spiti Goat, Snow Leopard, Redfox etc. Pin Valley Wildlife Sanctuary was established on 9 January 1987.
The height of the park ranges from about 3500 m to 6000 m. Pin Valley is a colorful valley in a way. This is considered to be the favorite place of tourists.

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