Kibber Village In Spiti

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Kibber Village is a very beautiful village situated in Spiti district adjacent to Chichum Village which is situated at an altitude of 4270 meters. The golden sun glistening in the valley amidst the high snowy hills, the crops swinging in the fields of Kibber, the Spiti river rising from the glaciers and tearing the sand dunes make Kibber one of the most beautiful villages of Spiti.

The pieces of clouds float in these villages throughout the day. Standing on a mound in the Kibber village of Spiti valley, it seems as if we are touching the sky with our hands up. The muddy mountains, sandy dunes, chanting of mantras in the quiet resonating monastery, the wildlife here doing the ruckus and everything so close to nature will force you to imagine that painter.
Kibber Gaon is the main gate of Tashi Gang and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

There is proper arrangement of homestay to stay here. The Parangala pass trek starts from this village which is open almost till September which will take you straight to Tsomori Lake. This trek is about 90 km long. It has to cover a short distance daily, which takes seven days.
While trekking, wild animals like the Snow Leopard Ibex can always come in front of you and thrill you.

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