A Message For Better Tomorrow

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Hello Friends,

Today Himalayan Wings wants to talk and share some things about growing Corona Epidemic and worsening nature.

Himalayan Wings request you all please Wear Mask, Use Sanitizer, Maintain Social Distancing, Follow the maximum of safety measure as per our government guidelines. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy and Keep Everyone safe surrounding you.

Previously garbage piles were found in big cities, but now the situation is the same here in the mountains. Plastic waste, empty liquor bottles, now have started reaching the mountains too. A question arises in the mind again and again as if our elders were entrusted to us by nature, will we be able to entrust them to our future generations?

Earthen houses have been replaced by concrete houses, wells have been replaced by elevator schemes, gurukuls have been replaced by English schools, playgrounds have been replaced by online games.

No public transport is being used, every single person is sitting in his car and going to office, people have stopped raising cows, now people are wondering with dogs in their vehicles, people are going on picnic and they are leaving their garbage at the same place.

Isolated animals from nature and has been imprisoned in zoos and kept a ticket to see them, there has been strange irony that on this earth only and only humans will do the rest of the life so like humans are slaves.

Water sources are drying up, epidemics are spreading from animals, mental disorders are being caused by technology like mobiles, bees from pesticides and other animals/ creatures like them , which plays a vital role in the natural chain, are ending.

People are taking huge vehicles in big houses in a round of appearances, which has nothing to do with reality and far away from our existence.

We have forgotten our original principle, which is as follows-

 If we are born then death is certain.

Our actions are going to be useful for our next birth and the next generation.

Exploit nature no matter how much money you earn – Nothing Will Go Together!

Nature has created us, we should also have some contribution for nature.

What should be done?

Use public transport as far as possible.

Keep your garbage in your bag and then put it in dustbin.

Keep your water bottle with you daily while leaving your home.

Wherever we go, please do not make that place dirty, do not waste any more garbage by looking at you.

Live with a simple and real character.

Plant trees around your house.

Do leave a pot of water for the bird at your home.

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