Chander Nahan – The Trek Of Seven Lakes

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Today we are going to take you to the true source of the Pubber River. It is situated at the height of 45,000 ft. The trek start from JANGLIK which is 130 Kms from Shimla. There is a point on the trek which we call the WOW Point at DAYARA THACH. A beatiful meadow at the end of thick forest. Here you may enjoy the most spectaculars of Sun rise and Sun set. The forest have Pines & Oaks tress all around which increase the density of forest.

Adventure, Calmness & various colours of meadows leads the trek through DAYARA THACH to LITHIN THACH. From Lithin Thach one can approch the Chander Nahan water fall. The fall is coming Seven Lakes creating super natural scenic beauty.

Best Time to Visit : July – August.

Trek Details :

  • Shimla to Rohru – Arround 100 kms.
  • Rohru To Janglik – 30 kms (9,200 feets)
  • Janglik To Dayara Thach – 5 hours of trek (Base Camp)
  • Dayara Thach to Lithin Thach – 3 hours (arround 11,700 feets)
  • Lithin Thach to Chander Nahan Lake – 6 to 7 hours (13900 feets)

Descriptions :

  • Rohru : A beautiful place with apple orchids all around situated at the bank of Pabber River. About 100 kms from Shimla. Rohru is well known for its apple, trekking and trout fishing.
  • Janglik : An ancient village of Rohru which is famous for its natural beauties and its old culture. One can reach Janglik By Jeep.
  • Dayara Thach : It is a beautiful grass groud. Situated in the valley of great Himalayas. It is a beautiful meadow in the valley. One can enjoy the Majestic Sun rise and Sun Set. Shepherd are all around the mountains.
  • Lithin Thach : Lithin Thach is the place for very first beautiful view of Chander Nahan Waterfall coming from Seven Lakes of Chander Nahan.
  • Chander Nahan Water Fall : Amazing and stunning view of the running waterfall from the top makes you speech less. Its beauty is attracting Adventure lovers all around the country and world. One can set the camp here and can feel the beauty of this nature.
  • Seven Lakes : Seven lakes belongs to origin of the Pabber River. The lakes are situated around 14,000 feet surrounded by Snow Capped Mountains.The reveler feels most alive here.

Himalayan Wings recommended this trek to Adventure Lovers.

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