Bagha Sarahan – A hidden valley near Shimla

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I am a travel agent by profession and I roam the whole year in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Due to the simplicity and beauty of mountain life, I chose it as a career. I want to show my beloved Himachal to everyone through my camera. And Himachal is so beautiful, when you press the button, it becomes a lifetime memory.

I chose Bagha Sarahan because it is a lovely village in Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu Valley, which is far away from the noise and pollution.Its specialty is that it is a natural ground of green grass situated at an altitude of 2300 meters.

History of Bagha Sarahan

Here is the temple of Jharni Mata, the total deity of the people of Bagha Sarahan. Which is believed to be a form of Shiva and is located in the temple in the form of Pindi. It is believed that the Pandavas stayed here while returning from Shri Khand during their unknown stay. It is said that earlier there was a mountain here which Bhima had leveled in a single night and leveling it became like a lake. Once when sage Shana was doing penance on the top of a nearby mountain, The gods who wanted to establish their supremacy here, both got into a fight Sage Shana attacked him with his mace, later the local deity was defeated and passed through this field in the form of a snake, wherever the deity passed, Wherever the gods passed, a canal became like a huge snake and the water of the lake came out. This is the reason why the water here seems to move like a snake with a very calm spirit.

Maa Jharani Mata the one who is enshrined in the temple in the form of Pindi is also called the goddess of green grass. It is said that Mata Jharani gives happiness and prosperity to the people of the village.

Nirmand village is situated at some distance from Baga Sarahan. The Pandavas stayed during their unknown abode at a place called Deyugi in the village of Nirmand. Even today the mustard grown by the Pandawas is present there.

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How to reach Baga Sarahan?

Route – Shimla to Narkanda, Duttanagar, Nirmand, Baghi Pul & Baga Sarahan. 

Shimla to Baga Sarahan – 162 kms 5 – 6 hour journey.

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Best Time To Visit – 15 May to 15 Sep

Main Attraction & Activities

Sun Temple Nirath, Apple Orchids of Nirmand, Wonderful Village Life & Temples Visit, Waterfalls, Trekking & Camping, Wide Green Grass Ground, Dense Forests of Deodar, Wild Life, Yoga & Meditation.

Bagha Sarahan photo galary

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