Chanshal Pass – Highest Pass of Shimla

Himachal Pradesh is known all over the world for its natural beauty and pure environment. And for nature lovers, Chanshal Pass is one of them.

Chanshal Pass is the highest peak in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh , Whose height is 14830 feet. This pass connects Dodra Kawar and Rohru with Chidgaon. Chanshal pass remains open from May to September. The distance of Chanshal Pass from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is 153 km. Chanshal Pass is also known as Chanshal Valley. Chanshal valley offers picturesque views throughout the year due to snow cover. This valley is quite famous for trekking. Everyone should visit this place once in their life. Saru Lake, a natural lake built in the Chanshal Valley, attracts everyone with its natural beauty. The lake can be reached by trekking.

Being covered with snow in winters, this valley turns green in summers, whose beauty is created on sight and leaves the mind in awe. Adventure lovers and photographers will love Chanshal Valley.

You will find many waterfalls in Chanshal Pass, dense deodar forests, Bhojpatra trees, brass flowers and many types of medicines can also be found here .

Camps can also be set up at this place in the night. Camping is different fun here.

Home stay and government guest house are easily available for night stay in Chanshal pass.

How to reach Chanshal Pass / Chanshal Valley

The nearest airport and railway station is Shimla.

Chanshal Pass can be reached from Shimla by bus or taxi.

The distance from Shimla to Chanshal Pass is 153 Kms.

Best time to visit

May to September

Main attraction and activity

Snow covered mountains. Green Grass Grounds, Peaks, Waterfalls, Wild Animals, various plants camping, Trekking , Meditation, Yoga , Peace etc.

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Chanshal Pass Photo Gallery

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