Shali Tibba – Best places for trekking in Shimla

Shali Tibba is a beautiful place situated at an altitude of 2870 meters.From this place one can get a 360 degree view all around.How amazing to see such a panoramic view from Shali Tibba.This is also  a weekend getaway for trekking lovers.It is a moderate trek of 6 kms which is the highest peak in the Shimla range.There is a temple of Shali Mata here, the local people have special faith for Shali Mata.If someone who is crazy about nature goes to Shali Tibba, then his companions in this journey will be nature, plants, birds, trees and many types of wildflowers.
This is a one day trek and it starts from Shimla. If you have come to visit Shimla and want to see the real life around Shimla, then you can include this trek in your list.

How to reach 

The distance from Shimla to Khatnol village is 50 kilometers, which can also be reached by taxi or local bus.The trekking distance from Khatnol to Shali is 7 kms which is a journey of 3 to 4 hours.

Best time to visit

Shali Tibba can be visited 12 months of the year because it is so close to nature that it remains in its different colors throughout the year.

Shali Tibba Day Hike – Himalayan Wings

Pick up Time from Shimla 7am to 8 am.

Shimla to Khatnol Distance -50 kms (2.30 hours)

Trek Starts 10 am

Trek Length 12 km (Round trip)

Back to Shimla 8 PM

Need a Guide/Taxi call at 9459253917

Shali Tibba Photo Galary

Chander Nahan – The Trek Of Seven Lakes

Today we are going to take you to the true source of the Pubber River. It is situated at the height of 45,000 ft. The trek start from JANGLIK which is 130 Kms from Shimla. There is a point on the trek which we call the WOW Point at DAYARA THACH. A beatiful meadow at the end of thick forest. Here you may enjoy the most spectaculars of Sun rise and Sun set. The forest have Pines & Oaks tress all around which increase the density of forest.

Adventure, Calmness & various colours of meadows leads the trek through DAYARA THACH to LITHIN THACH. From Lithin Thach one can approch the Chander Nahan water fall. The fall is coming Seven Lakes creating super natural scenic beauty.

Best Time to Visit : July – August.

Trek Details :

  • Shimla to Rohru – Arround 100 kms.
  • Rohru To Janglik – 30 kms (9,200 feets)
  • Janglik To Dayara Thach – 5 hours of trek (Base Camp)
  • Dayara Thach to Lithin Thach – 3 hours (arround 11,700 feets)
  • Lithin Thach to Chander Nahan Lake – 6 to 7 hours (13900 feets)

Descriptions :

  • Rohru : A beautiful place with apple orchids all around situated at the bank of Pabber River. About 100 kms from Shimla. Rohru is well known for its apple, trekking and trout fishing.
  • Janglik : An ancient village of Rohru which is famous for its natural beauties and its old culture. One can reach Janglik By Jeep.
  • Dayara Thach : It is a beautiful grass groud. Situated in the valley of great Himalayas. It is a beautiful meadow in the valley. One can enjoy the Majestic Sun rise and Sun Set. Shepherd are all around the mountains.
  • Lithin Thach : Lithin Thach is the place for very first beautiful view of Chander Nahan Waterfall coming from Seven Lakes of Chander Nahan.
  • Chander Nahan Water Fall : Amazing and stunning view of the running waterfall from the top makes you speech less. Its beauty is attracting Adventure lovers all around the country and world. One can set the camp here and can feel the beauty of this nature.
  • Seven Lakes : Seven lakes belongs to origin of the Pabber River. The lakes are situated around 14,000 feet surrounded by Snow Capped Mountains.The reveler feels most alive here.

Himalayan Wings recommended this trek to Adventure Lovers.

Shree Khand Yatra

shree khand mahadev

Shree Khand Mahadev Yatra is devoted to Lord Shiva (Shivalinga) at the high altitude of 18,570 Feets in Distt. Kullu Himachal Pradesh. Lord Shiva – Shivlinga is about 72 feets long on the top.

Not only Shiva Linga but also have the existence of Mata Parvati, Ganesha and Kartike. In other words as per Hindu religious point of view Lord Shiva Family belongs to Shree Khand Mahadev.

The scenic beauty of this trek is unforgettable.

How to Reach

Shimla to Jaon Village – 140kms. Trek Starts from here.

Jaon Village to Singhad – 3kms.

Singhad to Thachru – 12kms.

Thachru to Kalitop – 3 kms.

Kalitop to Bheem Dwar – 7kms.

Bheem Dwar to Parvati Bagh – 2kms.

Parvati Bagh to Shree Khand – 5 kms.

Beautiful places on the trek are as follow :

Devdhank : Spiritual Cave by which Lord Shiva went to Top of the peak Shree Khand Mahadev.

Thachru : Temple situated here is dedicated to
God of Jungle, where trek leads in between the thick forests of different kinds of species of trees.

Kalighati : By reaching Kalighati peak Lord Shiva Shivlinga is visible first time.
Faithful people often sit here for little rest by gazing the Lord Shiva Shivlinga on the top of the Shiva Nagri.

Bheem Dwar : Bheem Dwar is the same place where Bhasmasur was meet to his death. Where he was killed at the place water comes slightly red till today.

Parvati Bagh : Parvati Bagh is one of the heavenly blessed orchids of different sorts of flower and natural medicines species. Here Jatt Ganga waterfalls are flowing continuously which represents charm and mind relaxing scenic view. Lord Shiva’s favorite flower Bhram Kamal (a flowers) are looks like the electricity bulbs all around.

Nayan Sarovar : A beautiful natural lake in between the snow capped mountains. It is said that it was made up of with the tears of Maa Parvati in ancient time. Faithful people takes holy bath here first than start their holy trekk to Shree Khand Mahadev Darshana.

Bheem Shila Bheem Bahiyan : It is said that Bheem Shila are devoted to Pandvas – Bahiyan belongs to Ladders to Heaven. One can be the witness of Pandva Lipi. It is said that the stones of the Ladders are Carved by the Bheem.

Shree Khand Mahadev Darshan : After crossing the Bheem Bahiyan a glacier is on the trek. This glacier is in the shape of heart. While crossing the glacier You finally can see the Lord Shiva’s (Shivlinga) in front of you Which seems beyond your imagination. All your tiredness naturally got away. By reaching here you feel full of life, spirituality, positive energies and positive thoughts.